It seems to me that Unitarians have the right to develop their own religious opinions. And this it seems is the only kind of “liberal” stance it has. One still discusses the Christian God. One may discuss other Gods but hey, if you don`t believe in a trinity then you`re not going to believe in Shiva who is multi-God. Some of your members believe in jesus Christ, though only as some kind of religious leader to be followed and not worshipped. However, following a leader or a teacher is merely a sublimated form of worship. They assert that Jesus is a great exemplar which they ought to copy in order to perfect their union with God. This rhetoric has all the trappings of a theological mess of the odds and ends of the Catholic Church. Unitatrianism has that something “religious” about it and it is big but it is masked over by pragmatic connoiseurs of theological rhetoric.

You are still very much that “Christian Church” you Unitarians only that you reject and try to cut away 2000 years of the past indoctrination unbeknown to you that you are still an indoctrinatory movement of Christian God worship!

This is a joke:

“Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religion born of the Jewish and Christian traditions. We keep our minds open to the religious questions people have struggled with in all times and places.”

But surely any answer arrived at has to be facilitated into the Jewish religious formulae; into your “tradition”?

“We believe that personal experience, conscience and reason should be the final authorities in religion.”

Since when has Reason been a final authority in religion? And is not “personal experience” personal and therefore is not or cannot be based upon reason or conscience because it cannot be trusted to impart the truth?

“In the end religious authority lies not in a book or person or institution, but in ourselves.”

But the book is under the pillow, isn`t it you Unitarians!

“We put religious insights to the test of our hearts and minds. We uphold the free search for truth.”

It is only free insofar as it is keeping in with the Christian “tradition”; within its theological formulas and trappings.

“We will not be bound by a statement of belief. We do not ask anyone to ascribe to a creed. We say ours is a noncreedal religion. Ours is a free faith.”

Boulderdash! This is merely a play on words. A confusion of the actual meaning and summoning up of every word used. Is not “faith” a statement of belief? Of course, it is!

“We believe that religious wisdom is everchanging. Human understanding of life and death, the world and its mysteries, is never final.”

Humans today have understood nothing of life and consequently nothing of death. And there is no reason for believing that this “understanding” of life and death is any kind of wisdom that is everchanging.

“Revelation is continuous. We celebrate unfolding truths known to teachers, prophets and sages throughout the ages.”

Sounds like Madam Blavatzsky and her theosophist movement.

“We affirm the worth of all women and men. We believe people should be encouraged to think for themselves.”

Yet you also encourage people to have “faith” which is non-thinking imperative.

“We know people differ in their opinions and life-styles and believe these differences generally should be honoured. We seek to act as a moral force in the world, believing that ethical living is the supreme witness of religion.”

Obviously lessons of the past concerning religion is completely lost here. Religions, originally were forces for social change and for making people “moral” but the means to make people moral had to be immoral.

“The here and now and the effects our actions will have on future generations deeply concern us. We know that our relationships with one another, with other peoples, races and nations, should be governed by justice,equity and compassion.”

It sounds nice doesn`t it? And it may tug at the heart strings here and there. But what is the reality? The reality is that religion today in its many forms, branches and denominations are little communities that would like to weild some power over the masses. Let us be honest with ourselves: justice is power, equity is power and compassion is power (albeit made sublime). God is power. When one discharges power over others one ceases immediatley to be liberal; one becomes a tyrant. God becomes a tyrant [e.g. Old Testament] and then he has to be overthrown and then we will have to create another god but this time his power is more sublime; God speaks to the heart, advises and counsells us in the “good” and the “moral” [e.g. New Testament]. Power is still there. And isn`t compassion another way of saying “leave alone” or “let be”? In other words: not to discharge your power.

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Extract No.1: single Christian oriented men

Faith and sexuality are curious combinations indeed. You hope by the grace and love of your Jewish God that he affirms your sexuality. If he doesn`t affirm it you hope or have faith that you will be forgiven for all the acts of buggery, debauchery and defilment you have perpetrated against his holy divine plans. You hope further still that the feelings of love you have made subjective will be reconciled and that you have faith that he will “see past” the temptations of the flesh and get to the real important stuff like “love conquers all” and “Its not about sexuality; its about two people coming together…”.

Do you honestly believe your god is full of such compromises when he sets about ordering men to rape women and have innocent babies killed? Where is the compromise when he sets forth the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Where is the compromise when Jesus Christ, his only begotten son, as him saying that he comes to fulfill laws like Leviticus and indeed says he is under them?

This is not about Faith as such. It is primarily about “fear” and secondarily about indoctrination and thirdly about pangs of conscience whereby one feels guilt and shame and some recognition that what you are doing concerning your sexual orientation might be such an abomination as to get you thrown into pits of eternal fires. To yield to fear is to live in fear but also to learn to love it. No wonder you say you have faith in this god: because you can`t live without it!

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Jesus Christ

The name “Jesus” was according to my sources was coined first by St. Paul [I don`t think he ever existed] who idenitifed his epileptic vision of some crminal on a cross with that of a pagan God-man called Dionysus [the dieing and resurrecting pagan god-man]. The name “Yesous” which I believe means “anointed one” in Greek means “Jesus”. And “Yesous” was the name given to Dionysus [and Adonis] apparently. The whole saga of drinking blood and eating the body [of Christ] was first used by the Dionysian and Orphic cults who after having slaughtered a lamb of God and nailing it upon a tree would drink its blood and eat its flesh so as to be “reborn” anew.

 In the Christian story of Jesus the similarities are startling. We find that a Jew bids his disciples eat his flesh and drink his blood. 12 apostles sit around the son of God like they do in the Dionysian Moon Dance [the Hierophant priest represents the son of god]. 12 disciples of Dionysus each representing the 12 signs of the zodiac. Jesus and his Jews drank wine and ate bread or fish and so do the Disciples of Dionysus. Jesus talks about a kingdom of God that belongs to children and so too does the Dionysians when they talk about a secret garden were they can become like children again! Jesus preaches morals like “turn the other cheek…” and so too does Plato [in the Crito], who said it better and first had the idea, and the Neo-Platonists and also the Stoics have a similar argument.

Jesus as the son of God is a fake. The little cult of a Jewish rabbi hell bent on overthrowing the establishment may have a been true and its leader [Yeshua] apparently may have been a real historical person albeit unrecorded. But there is not a single reason for believing that this anarchist of a Jewish cult had a divinity or was the “son of God” [the one true God at least]. Just as the Jews had their “son of God” which was Jesus Christ so too did the Greeks have their “son of God” which was Dionysus or Adonis or Perseus. The Greeks were the first to get their son of God; the Jews merely followed the trend.

And as for shame one need only mention the Dark Ages. In those times the Church thought it was righteous enough to make barbarians [Europeans..i.e of the North] of every kind into moral and virtuous human beings. The means they employed to do so was anything but moral!! Through fear, shame and guilt the Catholic Church and other devout Christians made men into sick animals; inviting them into their Churches were they could be healed and taught right from wrong – what? As if they knew what constituted right and wrong?! The Catholic church was deeply anti-intellectual! They expanded their theology on their own doctrines particularly “sin”, “salvation” and ‘The Devil’. St. Augustine was one of its most ardent theologians of this Catholic movement. Who needs the Devil when you have Augustine!! On the heels of the theologians came all the popes who eventually made saints not by the good that they did but by the doctrines that they enforced on the credulous and impressionable. One need only mention Pope Callixtus and immediately the Catholic Church is tainted forever and given the “evil” stamp! Of course, we can go right back to the council of Nicea and Constantine and all those early popes of Rome who couldn`t really shake off their pagan origins – just what did they signify? One of them was a pimp!

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Religious “faith” makes stupid.

I find the words ‘open’ ‘honest’ and ‘faith’ to be some kind of comedy that would make even Shakespeare die of laughter. The commandment ‘love thy neighbour’ is not exclusive to Christianity – it was not even Jesus`s teaching – it came from the teachings of Lao Tzu and Confucius which were brought to the libraries of Alexandria as Jewish pagan centre for learning. Subsequently the library was burnt down by Christians – thousands of books were burnt, teachings lost but those Christians knew what they were doing when they burnt that library -it was all part of the big plan.

Jesus was a mythical pagan figure brought to the Jews. The Jews already had Joshua their messiah but Judaism was clearly dieing on its knees as Judea, Palestine and Jerusalem became more and more Hellenised. With the help of St. Paul of Tarsus [incidently a place of paganism and Greek learning] Paul brought the element of the Logos into Gnostic Christianity [I might add that Paul probably never existed was used as a set up character penned from the works of Josephus who mentions a Saul of Tarsus going round persecuting some religious nuts] . The Christ [Christos in Greek] was set up as a mythical figure encoded with secret messages just like that of the cult of Dionysus, Horus and Osiris who incidently in the case of Dionysus was born from Semele a virgin mother, in the case of Horus born from the virgin womb of Isis, Dionysus-Osiris was killed by authorities similar in status to Roman viceroy Pontius Pilate, and in the case of Dionysus-Osiris was crucified for the forgiveness of sins of the community, risen from the dead and performed miracles.

 All this info is compelling to me to say the least but stupidity and arrogance is rife and many of the adherents of our precious religions continue to be umoved by this info and simply refute it on the grounds that it is inconsistent with their accursed subjective viewpoint. Historical information means nothing to these parasites of humanity. Grow and learn and and “the truth will set you free” but if you don`t learn you won`t grow. Common sense if you ask me.

Freidrich Nietzsche once quoted “faith” means the will to avoid knowing what is true” and how right he is!

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Christian Gospel Groups

Didn` get round to doing the pasting table thing but I did manage to hand out a few leaflets. There were a Christian gospel group already there when I arrived – lucky me!


Now I know you shouldn`t judge people on their looks but often I have wondered why so many Christians are unhealthy. All of the Gospel Christians there today were the most odd looking people I have ever seen – black teeth, glazed-over eyes. Most of them had some kind of physical symptom. They had pot-bellies. One guy was so thin and pale; he was wasting away! They couldn`t even talk properly; couldn`t hold any kind of meaningful conversation. They stood on the spot drained of all vitality and life. They started dancing rather pathetically in the street to their gospel rap outpouring; it was bizaare!

Young people crowded around these Christians but they were obviously taking the mickie out of them. One of their leaders – pale, thin, gaunt and lacking in vitality approached a group of goths and pronounced he had seen heaven and Jesus. He was met with a barrage of laughter and insults. Then I shouted “No historical evidence for Jesus Christ….Jesus never existed….Christianity: a false piety!” and they came running to me saying “hey, that guy over there says he has seen heaven and we are all laughing at him”.

 This Gospel Christian group is probably my main opposition. They come out to the city centre almost every Saturday and they never fail to bring their speakers and microphones with them. You should hear some of the things they were singing: “Jesus wants your body….he is alive today…..blah blah blah” and  a few words about some “light”, a “sacrifice” and “the bible”.

 My leaflets consisted of 7 points showing historical information about the Christian religion – how they managed to pen their God from the remnants of other pagan cults. It mentioned the bible and how they were written in the Midrashic style and I mentioned all the inconsistencies, the fabrications, the lies and whatever else doesn`t match up. I mentioned the Essenes, the Nazaroi, and Yeishu ben Ha-Notzri and many others.  I gave a leaflet to one of the Christians there and five minutes later he came to me telling me I am going to hell and that this is the work of the devil. He proceeded further by screwing up the leaflet and giving it me back.

 The fun lasted for 20 minutes by then I had ran out of leaflets to give out. I just left and headed for home.

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You are probably wondering why I got arrested that day [see post below]. Apparently the word “immoral” used in reference to Christianity or any faith or religion for that matter is an incitement to hatred. This is madness!! I don`t hate Christianity. I just think it is false, a vestige of the past, a good story, a moral seduction, a myth, etc, etc.
I used an image of a face with a crucifix strapped over the eyes and mouth and this was to show the most peoples beliefs blind them and prevent them from seeing ‘the truth’ [‘the truth’: the historical facts, for example]. One woman who was a Catholic found this to be offensive and told me I will go to hell. I usually just laugh in my head when they say that. If they can`t or will not strike up an intelligent conversation with me about what I am doing and why I am doing it then whatever they say will no doubt be a mark of their own canker conscience.

I keep on telling everybody that in talking and listening to the adherents of our religions we atheists, agnostics, humanists and unbelievers know a lot more about their religion than they actually do. One old woman who had been a Christian all her life was flabbergasted and dumbstruck when I mentioned to her the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of Judas: “Oh I didn`t know there was a Gospel of Mary Magdalene…” and at that point she was actually ushered away by some nearby Christians from the Church of Jesus Christ.

The people from the Church of Jesus Christ know me; they know I am an atheist and they know I have a lot of knowledge and they don`t like me approaching their ‘faithful brethren’. They don`t attack me in anyway but they prefer to go up to the person I am talking with and slowly usher them away with their picturesque leaflet of Jesus holding a lamb..awwww!
They don`t know about my AtheistEmpire however but we shall wait and see. These Christians are called missionaries and from what I can gather they all seem lost; they cling to this Jesus guy who they hope will bring them some relief from their earthly existence and struggle. They also carry off physical stiffness and they lack a sense of humour and personal efficacy.

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Attacked by a Christian Trumpet Player

So my day begins tomorrow with getting a few things printed and going out on the streets of Liverpool promoting my atheism….without permission, I should say. And if I see the old bill I will most likely make a run for it. Mind you there are plenty of stall holders without licences and there are plenty of vegetarian and “Stop the War Coalition” people here doing what they do without permission.
I have done this before though; I have deliberately gone out and used my pasting table, gathered some info and some pictures and see what happens. I got attacked by a trumpet player and I had been out there no less than 20 minutes! Liverpool is rife for dangerous Christians – poisonous to the core of their spirit. This trumpet player guy was scruffy, fat and totally lacking in dental hygiene, he was gruff and malignant right through. He shook his fists at me saying “You fucking queer! How dare you insult my religion. You don`t know anything about it. I`ll kill you…fff” He followed me for 10 minutes whilst I ran around with a pasting table.
I managed to get the attention of the police because I thought this trumpet player was intent on actually killing me. He disappeared when he caught site of the old Bill and after much explaining to PC Denton and WPC Harvey I got arrested for breach of the peace and a caution under the “Incitement to Religious Hatred” law/act. You think you Americans have problems with your laws! Ours are just as bad; they are subtle and arbitrary and that probably makes them worse. It is true that an honest man can easily be made into a criminal so I have accepted that at some point I will have to break the law and the best way is to just not get caught.

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Carrying Out Plans

Got off to a slow start this morning but eventually I managed to draw up my plans for the AtheistEmpire manifesto. I also managed at the last minute to type up a leaflet complete with picture to hand out onto the street. The AtheistEmpire doesn`t have a logo at the moment but I have found something in my photobucket account that may be of some use to me and here it is: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I was also thinking about using the Liverbird logo and instead using a different colour, maybe blue. As is most things in dear old Blighty there are these laws that dictate what I can and cannot do with regards to all this atheism stuff. The first thing I need to do is to get permission from the council to put up my pasting table and put on it a few visual images – the images must not be of a sexual nature nor must it offend anyone. (If I want to refute a certain religion how can I not avoid offending anyone? This is one example of how our laws make innocent people into criminals.) In this country you can say what you like as long as it doesn`t offend oh and it is okay for hell and damnation Christians to weild their bloodthirsty axes at us ‘sinners’ but won`t be tide some atheist with a will to refute the Christian religion! So I thought I will use the most inoffensive language I can think of to refute this religion. Considering that people usually take note of pictures as well as words I wanted to use images that would shock but not in an offensive way – this is the hardest part.

I needed permission to do all this but what I found was that the council of Liverpool is made up of Christians, Catholics and other people of differing faiths and what`s the bet that they will make an emphatic “No” to my atheist venture? – a 98% chance, I reckon. So I haven`t sent this application form into the council as yet.

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Welcome to WordPress.com.

Welcome to The Atheist Empire of Liverpool Blog!

My name is Martyn Blackburn and I have been living in Liverpool for over two years now. In the past my atheism has taken a back seat and I have been pursuing a career in the fitness industry with poor results. Right now my career goals have changed slightly and I`m on the lookout for any type of work. In the meantime I am devoting all my time to promoting atheism in Liverpool.
Liverpool does not have any kind of atheist group or society – none that I know of anyway. I have noticed over the past year a furore of Christian groups popping up like mushrooms and coming out on the streets in a bid to win converts. These groups inlcude missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints and Gospel rock-groups and some megaphone blasting evangelists. English Christianity is quite subtle and seductive [masked by alcoholic excess and pangs of conscience] and for that reason all the more ‘poisonous’ than that of American Christianity [American Christianity is probably more ‘dangerous’].

Before I ‘became’ an atheist I flirted much with Christianity whilst I was in my early teens but I settled for Buddhism and Kashmir Shaivism in my late teens and twenties. Meditation practise was getting me no where and Buddhism made me fickle. I was weak, exhausted, and a total doormat to everyone – no self confidence whatsoever! Then I went to the gym, got fit, gained muscle and gained a more healthier outlook on life. I read the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and his Will To Power which inspired me to keep on being strong and keep on facing life; reality head on and not escape into fantasy and myth. I read Bertrand Russel who is most definately an agnostic/atheist and I liked Russell`s ideas. And that`s it really.

Right now I`m looking to organise some kind of atheist group in Liverpool. I have penned a manifesto which I will give the link to on this very blog. All will become clear there.
Right now I`m looking for people who are interested in supporting me in this role. I dare say it is a huge task and it might be somewhat dangerous but I like the danger element; I like the fife and drum!

Our group should consist of atheists, agnostics, humanists, etc, ect. We don`t accept Christians obviously. We will not be trying to ‘convert’ people – our aim would be to unite and enlighten.

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