Faith in Jesus Christ

In my many conversations with Christians, in as much as I can have a conversation with them, I always make the point of stressing that a revelation made to someone from Jesus Christ is no criterion fro the proof of his existence or that he is the one true God. As well as that I always stress that there is no proof or historical evidence of his existence and that all of the historians of the 1st century are curiously silent on the matter. Christians are sometimes keen of quoting the famous passage in Josephus were it is writen that a man called Jesus goes around performing miracles and who is the son of God. The passage is inserted rather clumsily and Josephus could not have writen that small passage because Origen tells us that Josephus did not believe in Jesus Christ.Now when Christians don`t quote Josephus or any of the other non-Christian sources to be used for proof of Jesus Christ most Christians claim that he did exist because they have seen him. Always, of course, in a vision or revelation; they further call this vision a proof that Jesus Christ is Lord of the world.I stress that a revelation is not proof. A revelation made to someone and not to others should be looked upon with caution because someone elses revelation becomes heresay when it is given to someone else; this is a formula, if you like, for indoctrination. I believe that people have a fundamental right not to believe something that is stacked upon heresay; a revelation made to you is not a revelation made to me if you think I should believe you.Many Christians try to get round this reasonable principle of not accepting hereasay from a revelation made to one person given to another. They say that one must open up and accept Jesus Christ into one`s heart. 

Many Christians do not concern themselves with a historical Jesus; they often dismiss those people who actually know about Christianity and its history and have studied biblical texts from an objective and critical eye. Some Christians are often dumbstruck when they come to face with anyone who knows a lot more about their religion than they do. They often find ways of getting round your historical facts or lack of them; they make the stupid assumption that despite the lack of evidence for Jesus Christ he exists anyway because he has made himself known; Jesus Christ lives because, they say, it is their testimony. But does Vishnu or Shiva exist because it is the testimony of some Hindu? The same rules must apply! Either they are both wrong or both right. Proof by testimony, vision or revelation is not proof and that what they see or hear or feel has any truth to it. Human beings all across the world from ancient times to present times have seen visions, have made revelations known to them and claimed their own personal testimonies; they have thought that they holded some truth and they want everyone to believe it regardless of whether it is based on factual evidence or not. It is a form of tyranny that you make one person believe your revelation and if they don`t them damn them or they must be unhappy because they don`t accept its truth. There is absolutely no connection between truth and happiness anyway. 

Many Christians believe that Jesus was born in the 1st Century BC but there is no records or historical information that such a man who led a crowd, performed miracles, healed the sick, was crucified and was risen. They say that all this happened in the 1st Century. In the 1st Century there were many myths circulating with are uncannily similar to those events that surrounded the Christian religion. In fact, many of the events surrounding Jesus Christ and concerning him have already happened or was already in existence before his supposed earthly life. Many Christians often try to wriggle out of this. They deny the proofs that show a synchretism in Christianity. They claim that Christianity is 100% authentic and that the events surrounding Jesus and concerning Jesus himself and his divinity were there before pagans got their mucky paws on them. This is of course a complete lie. Much about Christianity and about the life and times of Jesus Christ were already fully lived out by Characters in early Jewish scripture and for sure the divine reckoning of Jesus Christ was already a form assumed by ancient Greek and Egyptian cults thousands of years before Christianity ever came about.  The events of Jesus Christ without any doubt, less you are blinded in the face of factual evidence or factual likelyhood, was already teased out from other earlier sources and indeed later sources as the myth of Christ evolved. 

Christians once again never fail to come up with excuses for these embarrasing facts that stand out like a sore thumb when it comes to their own religion. A denial of the facts or even a closing of the eyes to the lack of evidence for Jesus Christ really does show that the Christians are holding a foolish and literal belief in their saviour. When confronted with the idea that Christianity has made use of the pagan cults for fashioning their Lord and saviour it becomes all the more vital that a Christian play the old good and evil card. The card says that the pagans were provoked by the devil; they say that Satan is responsible for all the pagan cults. Whether it is Mithra or Wicca, Satan is assuredly behind it all. They also make the same conclusion for all the other religions including Hinduism, Taosim and Islam. What they really want to say is that their Christian religion is true and all others are false. They say that Satan drove people to paganism to confuse mankind and that Zeus or Marduk or Jupiter or Horus are all daemons and are Satans work. 

It may be the case that many pagan cults were indeed barbaric and it is true that second temple Judaism still practised barbaric rituals before Christianity came about. But not all pagan cults were barbaric. The Epicureans were not barbaric. They had very similar practises to Christians: they eat small amounts of food usually bread and cheese, had very little material wealth, they were very ascetic. Epicurus himself was a pagan who spent a lot of time in a garden writing hundreds of books about nature and God. Most of the basis that the pagans were daemon worshippers is based upon a misunderstanding of the pagan mysteries. In those times daemons were believed in because of the lack of scientific interpretation. A ship that rode furiously into battle would have been possessed or steered by a chosen deity or spirit and this kind of interpretation was very widespread give or take a few. The Jews most certainly are experts at believing in the most superstitious of things; the Christian is merely an echo of the superstitiousness of men of the past. Anyone today who believes that anyone is possessed by some daemon whether that person does something wilde or evil or not or thinks something wilde or evil or not have not developed their intellectual faculties. Like a child who believes in fairies and pixies the Christian not having matured and developed his thinking capabilities has let himself not grow up. The child life quality of belief in daemons, magical gods and spirits is simply an echo of an age of the past. It is to be sure magical and wonderful to believe in grand picturesque figures – I myself enjoy Greek and Roman mythology – but to assert and believe that those magical and wonderful figures and stories have any truth to them is surely a deception. What makes this deception dangerous is not that a person might believe they are true but that the person believing them wants you to believe it too! It is dangerous when a person believes in it over all the stories besides and calls them a temptation or evil – which is what many Christians have done ever since. What makes Jesus Christ any more or less real than Dionysus or Mithra or Horus or even Zeus? The answer is of course because Christianity has been so widespread and has given the west 2000 years or more of values, art and whatever else and people can appreciate and revel in those gifts inasmuch as we can call them gifts. But of course the price for Christianity was the destruction of the Romanus Imperium and a subtle poisoning of all the pagan mysteries to which Christianity actually owes a great debt. Most people can be blinded by the splendid story of Jesus Christ and they are blinded further by the morality and the moral seduction which followed its presence: the bible.No Christian has ever converted to Christianity or become a Christian without first having been taught of it whether in a book such as the bible or any of the testaments or whether they have been taught in schools and colleges or merely from TV, radio, magazines or even from friends, family and strangers. Yet curiously many Christians will tell you that they had never heard of Jesus when they had their visions or revelations made to them. This of course, is a downright lie as they will no doubt tell you that their parents took them to Church as a child or that they were brought up in such and such an environment or that they read the bible and they put it back down again and never bothered with its contents for years. I don`t know about you but Jesus Christ is a character everyone knows about; you can`t really go through your early years without having heard of him [unless you come from other parts of the world]. The Christian will tell you lie after lie and they will unwittingly trip up by contradicting themselves concerning their own revelatory experiences.Also many Christians don`t understand or even recognise the meaning behind the word indoctrination. Mention this word and they either fly off the handle or they try to get you to change the subject. Another trick used by Christians is for them to tease out your ability to experience the effects of pity: often when I have told Christians that they have been indoctrinated by the doctrines of their Church, the priest and other Church members they like to rebuff that statement by telling you that they will pray for you; this is called pity.Pity is something the Christian and other peoples of other religions like to exploit. Humans feel pity, that is true. The Greeks used to think that pity was a vice not a virtue and Christianity came along and broke that teaching. It is not a very nice thing to be pitied; I would say it is worse than being lied to!They say that they will pray for you; ergo :pray for your soul ergo: so that you might saved. Isn`t this just the priest all over again?! Isn`t it the job of the priest to save souls?Friedrich Nietzsche once said that “pity makes suffering contagious multiplyed a thousand fold” and I believe he is right. Pity for me and you belittles me and you; it makes us feel dispirited; low, debased, robbed of some vitalism, robbed of strength; pity makes us weak and in the context of the Nietzsche quote above this weakness multiplies like a virus and over time it multiplies and multiplies and everyone gets the bug and of course everyone suffers like anyone suffers when they have a bug.  

Why must they pity us? It is malice with a good conscience. 

As well as the idea of Satan doing things against our will and the device of bringing about the experiences of pity as ways of getting round or wriggling out of a confrontation with an atheist or non-believer they usually resort to acts of violence and sometimes explitives. When they carry out their violence on us it is more often the case that they feel our power and afterall what is knowledge but power! The Christian, thinks that he is in the know and he uses this knowledge to wield his power over the gullible and those not in the know. This is what all human beings do. All knowledge is power and power in man I believe is simply or complexely a sign of life. There is no life without power and wherever we find human beings you can bet behind all their motives and good or bad evil or benevolent intentions there is power; the thirst and quest for power. Masters of conflict throughout human history have been symbolic of this power in man; great men and women have a greater power that matches by how much of lifeforce is affirmed in them; the greater the power the more alive they are; the more life is affirmed. 

The Jews are a people of extraordinary power but the Christian religion I believe is deeply anti-semitic both in theory and practise. I believe as do others that Christianity in attempt to overthrow oppression by the strong and noble have taken sides and opted for the opposite: weak and ignoble. They did this to their advantage and it worked to their advantage. Christianity is of course a religion of fisherman, carpenters, farmers and other peoples who were simple folk who probably had no desire to make of themselves warriors. A fisherman is not a warrior. A fisherman can`t rule a nation. It takes a strong will to be able to rule a nation and it takes a strong will to raise yourself up to those heights were riches are to be found. What riches are there for fishermen? Fish, maybe. But the point is that a religion of fisherman and other poor farmers should be taken with extreme caution because it is most likely that the religion will be founded upon only what they know or can get. Christianity is infected with a slave morality. Fishermen, farmers, carpenters are those people are the bottom of the ladder if you like. They serve the strong. A lifelong fisherman, a lifelong carepenter or farmer has no will to raise himself above that position; he remains for his whole life a servant of the state; of the people of a stronger position. Of course, power, strength and even weakness is all relative but in the context of society there will always be a hierarchy of some sort. The strong should rule not the weak. But Christianity is infected with a slave morality; it is infected with a morality of those at the bottom of society. Those at the top are quite rightly the strong and noble but it is they who are considered evil. 

Many Christians do resort to playing the good and evil card when they run into a brickwall in the fight for power and dominance. They say that you are evil if you refute their religion. This is of course an echo of Christian morality. Those who were strong and noble when Christianity was forming its moral theories were the oppressors. To be evil means to bestow badness and the Romans were the oppressors to the Jews. But the Jews did bring it on themselves because they refused to bow down to their oppressors. This not bowing down may be seen by some to be a mark of strength but I challenge this because to me the Jews chose to overthrow their gods in favour of one God; they made their raingod into a  supreme God and they divined that virtue would be rewarded on earth; this was foolish because the Jews soon found out that life was not about virtue but about fitness! The Jews could have remained humble and did what other religions did; the Romans were quite tolerant of other religions but it was only a handful of Jews who rebeled against them and it really didn`t catch on untill much later when a Christian faction decided to join with Rome in a bid for the state and then it caught on but it was still resisted for many centuries to come. 

Christians have made themselves martyrs of foolishness, hopelessness and tragedy. They have sacrificed their intellects and opted for picturesque reasons, justifications and superstitions and they have not grasped fully the reigns which is needed to view the world as if from on top of a high mountain. Their philosophical knowledge is brought about through a childlike simplicity of interpretation of natural causes and events. That a man who commits murder on another man is to be possesed by Satan surely is an oversimplified and childish interpretation of what actually is the case. That if a man commits adultery is to be taken as a sin against God made by the devil is indeed another chidlike simplistic interpretation. Interpretations like that echo a past in which daemons and devils were the cause of all physical ailments and diseases! Diseases are of course caused by microbes and viruses which are part and parcel of all organic life; the have to live and multiply like we do and they have to feed and they need a host to do this. How could it be otherwise? Today anyone struck by a disease should be cautious of seeking healing from any Christian as they might well believe that you are possessed by daemons or an evil spirit. To think that someone might be possessed by a daemon merely is an echo of simplistic interpretations of past peoples. Science has enabled us to look at the world better and more differently. A ship is not steered by a spirit; it is steered by an engine which is manned by people and possibly a computer. A flash of lightning is not a sign from God; it is a sign that the conditions are perfect for thunder and lightning. A solar eclipse is not a sign that the earth is going to end. A forest fire is not a sign that the devil has done its work there; the sun has merely aflamed it because the conditions were right. If you do someone wrong and someone later does wrong to you it is not a sign form God telling you to be good or else; many bad people are millionaires and continue to enjoy everything that life has to offer and there are some people who do good things and have bad things happen to them all the time. Life is not about virtue; it is about fitness!!Science is fitness of interpretation and in some ways it is fitness in explanation. This monochrome simplicity of Christian answers and conclusions in the affairs of the humans, the world, the universe and life itself must be approached with caution because most of it lies miles away from what is actually the case. There is no reason whatsoever to believe that the answers to the problems of human existence given by Christians from their Jesus God man saviour has any truth to it. 

Faith is a form of madness. I have explained time and time again to Christians that faith is not proof of anything. I like to quote Nietzsche when he says “A casual stroll through a lunatic asylum shows that faith proves nothing”.Faith is a fraud; we must be cautious! I can remember one night just as I was drifting off to sleep I saw a black spot that appeared in the corner of my vision. In this black spot appeared what I would recognise as a whole but small figure of Jesus Christ. This figure had red eyes and the figure began shaking his fist like a hammer and I got the impression that the figure was telling me to believe in him or I will be punished. This is no lie. I was well aware that this was going on so in my head I shouted to the figure “No, no, no! I will not believe. I will not believe…you are not real, you are not real” and then suddenly the figure disappeared and I was fully awake and aware. Now I can interpret this the way I know how: it was my conscience that was doing this because it was in that week that I did most of my personal deep felt refutation of Christianity. I had previously obssesed myself with this Jesus character and when I read all the commotion concerning the Catholic church and how they scrambled to make this Jesus Character more believeable so as to silence those pesky gnostics I thought to myself why has all this happened. So the vision I had of Jesus that night was merely symptomatic of the obessesion I had that week pouring over books and texts; I let it get to me a little. Now I told this story to a Christian yesterday and his conclusion was that Jesus was trying to tell me something. But I explained that that is their interpretation. I gave them my interpretation which was that it was my conscience speaking and that I was being obsessive about who Jesus was or who he wasn`t. Of course the Christian in question rebuffed me and tried to get me to go to their Church and pray. This is the extent to which the adherents of Christianity have found themselves in: even your interpretation of your own revelation is wrong if it doesn`t match that of the Christian scheme or interpretive method. Christianity is indeed an assumption; its interpretations are an assumption and all painted in monochrome simplicity to avoid any explanation that may be the right one.If I have a vision I consider it a matter of upmost honesty to question myself concerning it: what was it? What does it mean? What happened in and around me? Was I not wanting to see it? Was my mind alert enough or was it drifting aimlessly in an out of images stored in memory and settled there for a moment before revealing it to my conscience?A Christian has no concern with these questions. And indeed a Christian will conclude that I was overcome by doubt and this too is yet another temptation divined by the Catholic Church; doubt is a sin! Questioning ones own motives, ones very experiences has nothing to do with doubt! 

But of course with every reasonable answer put forward, with every emprical explanation as close to the truth and to be most likely the case about is now a temptation; a sin. And the Christian would like you to believe in his [that is the Church`s] simplistic interpretation; his simplistic answer; his truth. All other explanations and truths are deemed false and some are deemed from the devils own work! 

God, Satan, Angels, divine revalations, sin, salvation, retribution, repentence are all sign languages of warped, miserable, cut off and lost, nihilistic, blinkered, God scorched, timerous, weak willed people who prefer to interpret or look at life from the eyes of a crudescent child unable to shake off the entrenched belief in myths and fables that their  guardians have told them are real and true. As a child I was taught that Jesus was real but was never given any evidence for it. The same applies for Father Christmas who I thought was real right up to the age of 9 – my parents lied to me and they lied because it was traditional for your parents to tell children that a man would come down a chimney and deliver gifts to you. The Catholic priest or the priest in any church, congregation or group no doubt thinks that he is the father, you are the child and like mum and dad tells you about some fat guy in a red suit comes once a year and promises you gifts [but only if you are good] the priest will tell you that your soul will be saved, and you will be rewarded in heaven but only if you are good…and you believe in what he says!Father Christmas does not exist. We never had a chimney. And we as childen never realised that all our toys that we got at Christmas time could be seen in all the shops near where we lived.  

Christians pride themselves that they have this wonderful book called the bible and they believe with such blind idiocy that it is 100% divinely inspired. The Quran, the Muslims claim, is written by the hand of God -the Christians cannot make that claim! The truth about these gospels that the bible is made up from is obvious when we look at them for what they really are. They are pseudepigraphic for starters. They are written by Christian scribes and not by their original authors. The first Christian text appears 40 years or so after in the early 2nd century after the supposed existence of Jesus Christ in the 1st century. That is 40 years! That gives enough time for a story to ferment from one set of words and events into yet something completely different that was not previously heard or uttered. 40 years is just enough for a real story to become a story wholly different from the what it previously once was. And the other gospels [no orginals found] are dated some 70 years later or more. And if we take into account of what was occuring within the Christian church all those centuries ago we inevitably come to the conclusion quite rightly and factually that much tampering had happened and the gospels must now be looked upon with suspicion and caution as they are full of blunders, misinterpretations, interpolations and fabrications. And we give this book to our children!! 

The book is of course a massive literary fraud. A Christian will no doubt try to get you to see that the bible and  everything contained within it is correct factually and historically and in its proper place. They have not read the bible properly! The gospels themselves are separate pieces of work and that is why most of the events in them contradict each other on so many points. Luke is not even written by Luke and who ever the author is he tells us that he is not Luke himself and is just describing the accounts given by Luke. Now anyone with common sense and caution will advise others and themselves not to take for truth what someone else has heard someone else say. I have said this before to many christians: the gospels are written “according to…” and subsequently they are not presented to us as written by their original authors; they are the works of Christian scribes. There is no proof that Matthew, Mark, Luke or John ever existed. There is no proof of there being twelve apostles in the 1st Century; there were twelve apostles mentioned in the Talmud if my information is correct[a Jewish non-Christian book]. 

I will end this rather long post by saying that in talking and listening to Christians I conclude that there is nothing with these believers but a total denial of everything upright, just and honest. Nero the Roman Emperor once called Christians “despisers of the world” and Celsus a pagan philosopher once said that Christians despise one another…and fill one anothers heads with deceitful nonsense and says that the Christian story is a uncleverly constructed “monstrous fiction”. The reason Christianity is belived in today and still survives has nothing to do with it being truth or a living of proof of the truth about Jesus Christ but it is because that “religion is the opium of the masses” and the masses cannot be trusted to tell the truth and whatever the truth is now it has certainly been turned right on its head. The destruction of the world and every inhabitant within it will be at the hands of those who believe they hold some divine truth. In the context of our age Islam may indeed be the precursor to this total inhilation and destruction of mankind but that is mere speculation you will no doubt say. The Christian religion has had its day and it is slowly perishing as more and more Christians divide themselves into denominations and factions and collaborate with the democratic tendencies inherent in the state. The Christian religion is dead; it has lost its message but the adherents continue to live out its primeval sorcery of pity, suffering and slave morality which it pushes on every new born child it can baptise or indoctrinate. Whilst Iran has the nuclear bomb and wants to blow Israel sky-high, Christianity will continue to spread suffering either by seduction or by money and good conscience. Religion causes all wars and enslaves all those who come under its power; the Catholic Church is one such enslavement of power and untill it is radically removed from public life; our schools, universities, hospitals and whatever else then we will continue to suffer under its tyrannising power. It is the duty of every child, woman and man from now on to see to it that this virus is killed off, and a new vitalism [and possibly a new covenant with the divine] encapsulates the whole earth not based upon some old dictate of an ancient law that masquerades as love and justice but based upon freedom, common sense, fairness and intelligence and especially sound life. Love is a natural consequence that makes for the conditions of health and sound life.  

Remove the Christian virus; remove this insidious threat called Christian love with its slave moralism sucking all the blood and feeding on the minds of the young and there will be health and then and then only comes the love and the loving!


Martyn Blackburn.

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