Extract No3. Christianity is a virus

The Catholic Church is one of the most corrupt religions ever to be found in human history. Nothing compares quite like it. Call it what you will – a church is a church and in every church there is a priest who lies to the people in the pews through the invention of moral absurdities which do not touch reality at any point. It is for a reason that the last 1000 or so years as been aptly named ‘The Dark Ages’. The Catholic church continues to spread its infection on an unsuspecting public whilst those who refuse to be credulous look on in amazement at the rift that marks the species and separates the drones from the thinkers.

Diogenes Laertius held the opinion that all religion is born of fear. I too hold that opinion.


Extract on Liverpool evangelist:

Be a winner not a sinner – believe in Jesus and don`t be shallow – I`m not shallow like some people – there is crime on our streets and Jesus will eradicate it – Liverpool must become a Christian society – Jesus is love, the light and the way and all other religions will decieve you – if you don`t have Jesus in your life then you are a loser…

This professional nihilist and world-denier goes on like this in trembling and excited bingo-fashion to make crooked what is straight. And according to him if you don`t believe in Jesus Christ it implies you lack meaning in your life. Christianity is the biggest presumption there is. He is a sick man. He taps his foot on the ground and shakes his hands about like a deranged nervous mad man. He believes wholeheartedly that Christianity is the elixir of life; the antidote to all ills and evils; that the belief in Christ can rectify all the worlds problems. He believes that Christmas is for Christ and denies that Christianity stole Christmas from the pagans! This guy is no philosopher or historian ; he is a parasite and the police look upon him with reverence and though they may smile at him or even with him and bless him they will never bring themselves against bad taste and move the bugger on or at least arrest him for breach of the peace – that would be distastefull. Oh but what a sly and wicked man he is and his neighbour – the trumpet player – who is 100% Christian loving kindness and yet would not think twice about stabbing a knife in the heart of unbelievers.

As an atheist/humanist/agnostic the police are keeping a very close eye on me. There is an opinion that we unbelievers are the scum of the earth, have no morals, and bait up trouble. Well the law is an ass and I would happily break the law for the love of humanity and for the love of life and for the love of my destiny amor fati!. The police don`t like me and my atheist views and I have been arrested – yes I have been arrested for public disorder! And all because I refute Christianity. I believe Christianity is immoral, offensive, pernicious, dangerous and cursed.

The word on the street is that atheists must saty at home and not rock the boat – not tell the truth. Liverpool is steeped in English Christianity – psalm singing and praying and other such things. These Christians would rather pray and pray and pray and pray more and think that prayer is something that gets things done. Prayer never achieved a thing! The trumpet player I mentioned earlier who attacked me, believes he has seen miracles and that is all the proof he needs and I am a piece of shit and a bastard and evil and I should be killed, according to this peace loving and compassionate Christian. In all my years of talking and listening to Christians I have not once met a Christian who praises inteligence; everyone one of them have been anti-intellectual. Every Christian I have met has subjectively, objectively, historically stood truth on its head; refuted it….it does not bring them comfort but who said there was any harmony or happiness connected with the furtherance of truth?

No. The Christian lies. Every word is a fabrication; an attempt to twist the truth and make it what it is not and what it has never been. The rhetoric of the Christian which he has picked up from this book called the bible – the old testament and the new testament as one book for all is the biggest literary fraud that was ever devised. And worse is not to know Christian history – not to know who`s hands these books fell into – not to know that all religions are myths and make-believe and for all this to be presented to our enquiring and enlightened minds and still refute it!! – is surely the recipe for madness and to let the curse of everything subjective – to let everything fall before faith – faith in God. That to me is mental disorder. Madness. Insanity.

And just what do these madmen want the world to be like? Like them, of course! The whole world as a madhouse! The whole world as a hospital. The whole world steeped in meekness and wretched bigotry. The whole of humanity sucked dry and robbed of its essence. To quote Mikhail Alexandrovic Bakunin:

The idea of God implies the abdication of human reason and justice; it is the most decisive negation of human liberty and necessarily ends in the enslavement of mankind both in theory and practice. He who desires to worship God must harbor no childish illusions about the matter but bravely renounce his liberty and humanity.”

What is evil? Whatever springs from weakness. Christianity is for the botched and weak. Christianity is a sickness!

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