The Last Men

Whilst doing some shopping today on my way to Tescos I bumped into about 8 old men and women. They were Christians. They had one of those placards which was written some quote from the bible…something about sin and hell. I approached one of them and told them that the quote they are using was taken from one of Paul`s fake letters.

Straight away he said that “Jesus loves you”. I said, “Did you not hear what I just said: Paul`s letters about 7 of them are considered fake by many historians, theologians and biblical experts.”. He looked at me with a look that could kill and then he completely ignored me and proceeded to preach to the passers-by. I re-approached him a second time and he avoided me. I approached a woman instead who was about 60-70 years old. I asked her “Have you read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene or the Gospel of Judas?” she replied “You are going to hell” and then I said “But your friend over there just said Jesus loves me, why would he send me to hell?”. Another guy intervened and he gave me his leaflet and he asked me “Have you read the bible?” I said “Yes, I have studied it and I know quite a few inconsistencies, lies and fabrications”. Just as he was about to speak I cut in very quickly and I told him that there are no original copies of the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are pseudipigraphic and are written in the Midrashic tradition; they are titled “according to”. The earliest manuscript dates from the fourth century only. The bible was redited, revised, translated and re-written by Church propagandists in order to deny any inconsistencies in the face of criticism. I went on and on really about the Catholic church and I touched upon the Essenes and the Jesus of the Talmud and the Cult of Horus and Mithra. I was of course, wasting my time. It was as if everything I said and explained was like water of a duck`s back. Talk about a glazed expression over the eyes! These old-timers are entrenched in their own indoctrination. I reckon not one of them has even seen a computer. I bet none of them have asked themselves honestly whether what they believe in they believe in because they want to believe it or they have been indoctrinated by it; persuaded and seduced by it. Whether they are just part of those generations who were brought up with it because it was the community done thing. English Christianity is for the old; it is a dying synchretism of religion. Young people will be indoctrinated with its morality and its story and the picture of Jesus who “forgives” and has “mercy” and the saga of the crucifixtion and how aweful and shameful it all is and then rebel against it. Sure the young are nihilistic but their kind of nihilism is better than the nihilism of Christianity. I`d rather have a thousand natural vices then one unatural virtue [I think Oscar Wilde said that].

Friedrich Nietzsche once said “Life is not about virtue, but about fitness” and how right he is. Christianity has survived this long and thsoe virtues Jews of Old Judaism – didn`t they just perish very quickly!

Anyway I had some support today from a yound girl who I thouht was about to wallop me. She joined with me. And went up to one of the Christians and asked them a few questions. She came back to me furious and they told her that she is going to hell. She might join my AtheistEmpire group in June sometime. She told me the story when her grandfather died he insisted that no religious ceremony take place. He was against religion. Apparently, the church found this unsettling and the family [Church go-ers every Sunday] was excomunicated from their local parish. She was angered. She also told me of an episode where her little brother had come home from school with an idea that her sister should pray to Jesus. She replied “Why don`t you pray to Mary Magdalene?” to which his reply was “You are not welcome in this house”.

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  1. Wow. First of all, if you’re crazy enough to stand in the middle of the street preaching, you’re probably not able to comprehend outside thought. These folks are like lemmings; their leaders tell them what passages to read, while avoiding others. They give them bits and pieces, convenient sound bites. And if all else fails, they can fall back on “you’re going to hell”!

    Although your confrontation was futile, it was quite entertaining to read your account of it.

    Regarding your new friend: It’s sad to see families split apart because of mythology. It’s happened to me, and who knows countless millions if not billions over the centuries. So sad.

  2. Yep, its depressing alright. The very last thing they always say is “you`re going to hell” or they will try to pity you and say “I worry about you…I will pray for you”.

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