Extract No.1: single Christian oriented men

Faith and sexuality are curious combinations indeed. You hope by the grace and love of your Jewish God that he affirms your sexuality. If he doesn`t affirm it you hope or have faith that you will be forgiven for all the acts of buggery, debauchery and defilment you have perpetrated against his holy divine plans. You hope further still that the feelings of love you have made subjective will be reconciled and that you have faith that he will “see past” the temptations of the flesh and get to the real important stuff like “love conquers all” and “Its not about sexuality; its about two people coming together…”.

Do you honestly believe your god is full of such compromises when he sets about ordering men to rape women and have innocent babies killed? Where is the compromise when he sets forth the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Where is the compromise when Jesus Christ, his only begotten son, as him saying that he comes to fulfill laws like Leviticus and indeed says he is under them?

This is not about Faith as such. It is primarily about “fear” and secondarily about indoctrination and thirdly about pangs of conscience whereby one feels guilt and shame and some recognition that what you are doing concerning your sexual orientation might be such an abomination as to get you thrown into pits of eternal fires. To yield to fear is to live in fear but also to learn to love it. No wonder you say you have faith in this god: because you can`t live without it!

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