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My name is Martyn Blackburn and I have been living in Liverpool for over two years now. In the past my atheism has taken a back seat and I have been pursuing a career in the fitness industry with poor results. Right now my career goals have changed slightly and I`m on the lookout for any type of work. In the meantime I am devoting all my time to promoting atheism in Liverpool.
Liverpool does not have any kind of atheist group or society – none that I know of anyway. I have noticed over the past year a furore of Christian groups popping up like mushrooms and coming out on the streets in a bid to win converts. These groups inlcude missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints and Gospel rock-groups and some megaphone blasting evangelists. English Christianity is quite subtle and seductive [masked by alcoholic excess and pangs of conscience] and for that reason all the more ‘poisonous’ than that of American Christianity [American Christianity is probably more ‘dangerous’].

Before I ‘became’ an atheist I flirted much with Christianity whilst I was in my early teens but I settled for Buddhism and Kashmir Shaivism in my late teens and twenties. Meditation practise was getting me no where and Buddhism made me fickle. I was weak, exhausted, and a total doormat to everyone – no self confidence whatsoever! Then I went to the gym, got fit, gained muscle and gained a more healthier outlook on life. I read the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and his Will To Power which inspired me to keep on being strong and keep on facing life; reality head on and not escape into fantasy and myth. I read Bertrand Russel who is most definately an agnostic/atheist and I liked Russell`s ideas. And that`s it really.

Right now I`m looking to organise some kind of atheist group in Liverpool. I have penned a manifesto which I will give the link to on this very blog. All will become clear there.
Right now I`m looking for people who are interested in supporting me in this role. I dare say it is a huge task and it might be somewhat dangerous but I like the danger element; I like the fife and drum!

Our group should consist of atheists, agnostics, humanists, etc, ect. We don`t accept Christians obviously. We will not be trying to ‘convert’ people – our aim would be to unite and enlighten.

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  1. Just where did you go wrong with buddhism? What didn’t “work” for you?

  2. I don`t consider my departure from Buddism is wrong move. I always did find Buddhism a little nihilistic with its imperative of escaping earthly life. The deeper I got with it the more metaphysical it became the more metaphysical it became the more compelling it was for me to start questioning it all. I found nothing there, no mind, no “ego”, no metaphysical “I” no wheel or cycle of birth and re-birth, no karmic activity of actions or of thought. All that to me got more and more absurd and depressing; so much guilt and shame.

    As with meditation practise there is for sure an accompanying physical relaxation. All that talk of peace, compassion and mental calm at the sight of disturbance and chaos is a mere quirk of grammar and a pitying seduction. I prefer strength, power and vigour to calm, peace and mere symptomatic relaxation. I`m not so easily fooled by the intoxicated happiness brought about through a will to escape life and posit that desire is an illusion and nor am I fooled by some technique of relaxation to bring on a spiritual enlightenment. To me tension brings spiritualization not relaxation, not calm and not peace. A by-product of sitting still and concentrating or even not concentrating is relaxation; all the seductive grammar and rhetoric is pilled up on top of it to make it spiritualised. In the animal kingdom the animals often relax and do not make too much fuss about it; we seem to make such a fuss of relaxation; WE have spiritualized it. I think I get better results with having a radox bath or having sex. Relax and enjoy like the animals do. No need to erect temples, statues and alters!

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